Work Culture

Our organizational culture is centered on five core values which are our sacred guiding principles.

A top class performance, highly sensitive to the time frame, and a focus on continuous improvement

No barriers to possibility

Honesty and integrity in all spheres of our activity resulting into a transparent and open culture of work with complete accountability in execution of tasks

A perfect blend of individual energies, deep respect for individual esteem, interdependence and willingness to subdue individual agenda to the team's agenda

Always enthusiastic about the great happenings of the present and of the future at Maxblis

MAXBLIS is a learning organization that believes in reinventing itself through innovation. This sets the tone for the organizational culture which encourages the spirit of inquiry, out-of-the-box thinking and freedom of expression and ideas. MAXBLIS is strongly committed to nurturing innovative ideas and seeing them through to fruition with senior management guidance, support and resource allocation to ensure that great ideas don't remain mere ideas.

MAXBLIS's culture encourages individual initiative; mistakes and failures that occur in the process of taking initiatives are viewed as progress in the personal and organizational quest for excellence. Employees are empowered and encouraged to think and function as business owners by instilling in them the spirit of entrepreneurship. While ensuring accountability, it gives them the much needed sense of ownership.

An open culture is actively encouraged and formal structures are in place to enable employees at all levels to reach out to the senior management, express their ideas and seek guidance. A transparent and objective performance management system ensures that individuals set the performance bar higher for themselves and exceed expectations every time.